Real Food DiaryDo you ever wonder what other real foodies eat?  I do.  And in case you do, too, once a week I’m going to share what I ate the day before.  It’s a food diary of sorts, although I don’t actually record what I eat each day.  I certainly don’t count calories or fat grams.  Mostly, I simply follow my cravings, because I believe that my body knows what it needs.

My Real Food Diary Snapshot is meant to be a peek into the diet of a real foodie and not the Gospel of Real Food According to Me.  Sometimes you may find that I eat things that are not part of a real food diet.  Don’t get hung up on my downfalls.  Use this series for ideas and entertainment, not as a series of strict food rules.
And, please, feel free to share in the comments what you ate yesterday!
Blueberry bagel (yep, full on wheat.  This day was the 20% of my 80/20 lifestyle, for sure.  Read on.  You’ll see!)
Organic cream cheese
Coffee with grass-fed, low-temp pasteurized heavy cream and coconut sugar
1 banana
Summer BBQ at my parent’s house; I hadn’t seen them since Christmas!
Burger (refined, white flour bun, CAFO meat from the grocery store, bottled BBQ sauce in the meat–you know, pretty typical Standard American fare.  And I enjoyed every bite while enjoying time with my children and my parents!)
Blueberries straight off of the bush
Potatoes and green beans from my dad’s garden
Kombucha and organic cranberry/blueberry juice
Tomato and avocado salad with olive oil, honey, goat cheese and real salt
Real Food Diary