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Weight Loss on a Real Food Diet

Is losing weight with on a real food diet possible?  Well, yes, of course it’s possible! I know because I did it.

I would say that this is the easiest, most pleasurable diet that I’ve ever been on except for the fact that I am NOT dieting and I don’t a eat real food diet for the purpose of losing weight.  Still, after beginning a real food diet the weight fell off easily.

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Weston A Price Diet Weight Loss
A Real Food Diet is Not a Weight Loss Diet – But It’s Great for Losing Weight

I don’t know many people who eat a real food diet (or a traditional/WAPF, primal, paleo or GAPS diet, for that matter) who are doing it to lose weight.  Weight loss is often a nice side effect of a real food diet, but I don’t think that it’s the main goal.

The main reason that most people turn to a real food diet is for their health.  Others practice this way of eating because it supports local, sustainable agriculture.  Still others are rebelling against the factory-food industry and want their foods to be fresh, simple, and unprocessed.

Real Food Doesn’t Look Like Typical Diet Food

A traditional real food diet typically consists of many foods that aren’t considered weight-loss friendly.  For example, we love our saturated fat!  Recently I told my mother how much saturated fat I eat and she turned pale.  When I was a kid our fridge was stocked with low-fat diary and butter substitutes. She was merely following the conventional wisdom of the day.

Now, my family eats meat and eggs and drinks milk with delicious cream lines.  I drown my soaked oatmeal in butter or cream.  We eat veggies, too, of course, but I like mine cooked in lots of butter or coconut oil and sprinkled with salt.

How Can Eating Lots of Real Food Still Lead to Weight Loss?

If you look at the foods included in a real, traditional foods diet it seems counter-intuitive to weight loss at first. Of course, it’s not. It only seems that way because it is counter to what we’ve been taught by the “diet dictocrats”.

See, once your body gets the nutrients it needs from whole, real foods, it comes out of the starvation-mode that was induced by the malnutrition caused by the nutrient-void, food-like products of the industrial food chain that caused your body to pack on extra pounds to survive what it thought was a famine. (Whew! That was a mouthful.)

Simply put nutrient dense real food heals your body, stops your unhealthy food cravings, and gives you more energy for activity. Soon the weight begins to come off without feelings of hunger or restrictive eating.

If you are considering eating a real food diet for health or ethical reasons but are concerned about adding extra pounds or have some weight that you’d like to lose, I suggest reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.

My Real Food Weight Loss Journey

When I began my real food journey I was about 60 pounds overweight. It was March of 2012 when I bought my first gallon of raw milk and began to dip my toe in the waters of a traditional foods diet.  By the beginning of May, we had almost completely transformed our diet with a healthy ratio of 80-95% our foods fitting the traditional, real food bill.

By May of 2012 I’d lost 14 pounds with no effort whatsoever.  I simply ate what I want and every few days, the scale moved to a lower number.  I didn’t count calories and I didn’t do portion control.  I simply ate the real, nutrient-dense foods that my body was designed to eat.

By October of 2012 I’d lost a total of 35 pounds. I’d begun to workout again now that my health issues were gone.

I began a job outside of the home in November of 2012 (again, thanks to the relief from health issues and increased energy and I was able to both work full time and homeschool. I even built a side business in my ‘spare’ time that allowed me to leave my corporate job to be self-employed.).

By April of 2013 I had lost 17 more pounds. By June of 2013 I’d lost a total of 47 pounds.

How to Get Started with a Real Food Diet

If you’re ready to get started on a real food diet, first check out my article Getting Started with a Real Food Diet.

Take a peek at my Real Food Diaries.
Check out my Free Real Food Meal Plans.

Next check out the books below for the information you’ll need to start your real food lifestyle.

I will always love to prepare and eat food.  I have not suffered one moment in this real food way of life.  I have watched the weight melt away and my health issues disappear.
I hope my story will encourage others to experience the same!

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