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 Safe Essential Oils for Children

Young Living has just taken the guesswork out of knowing which essential oils are safe essential oils for children!  When I use essential oils on my children, I am always careful to use them in the correct dilution so that they are not too strong for their little bodies.

Young Living has created several new blends of essential oils for some of the more common uses of essential oils on children.  From bugs bites to sniffles to focus to digestive support, this new essential oil blend kit is a safe way to give your children the benefit of essential oils without the worry of proper dilution and strength.  These essential oils for children are already diluted to the proper ration.

If you are interested in replacing harsh and sometimes toxic products with natural solutions to support your children’s wellness, check out my essential oils FAQ.  You can also join my Facebook group where you will find more information about the wonders of essential oils!


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