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free home school Social studies resources

 Home schooling doesn’t have to be an expensive venture.  There are plenty of resources to be found that are inexpensive and even FREE!  In the Free Home School Resources series I will share the wonderful, free home school resources that I’ve found.  

FREE Homeschool SOCIAL STUDIES Resources

1.  Big History–This is a free resource from the History Channel.  It’s a USB drive filled with history curricula and resources aimed at secondary school-aged students.  I’ve ordered mine but haven’t received it yet.  I’ll update when I do.

2.  Liberty’s Kids Videos–If you want to supplement your history teaching with something fun and visual, check out the Liberty’s Kids videos on You Tube.  They are an excellent history resource for younger children.  

3.  Go Social Studies Go–Featuring and online textbook layout, Go Social Studies Go currently has US History and World History available.  Excellent for reading with your children or for them to explore alone.

4.  All-in-One-Homeschool–This is a complete 180 Geography and Cultures curriculum.  And it’s not the only one that this offers!  All-in-One-Homeschool is a valuable resource that you need to check out for all of your curricula needs!  

5.  About.com History–You probably already know that About.com is a wonderful resource for home schoolers.  These history worksheets are a great find for any home school parent!  Check them out!

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