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I may receive a commission if you purchase through links on this page.

Editor’s Note:I was compensated and provided with a Space Scouts Subscription box in exchange for my honest review of this product.

Subscription Boxes for Kids — Space Scouts

If you haven’t discovered subscription boxes yet . . . well, you haven’t been paying attention.  They are everywhere.  There are makeup subscription boxes, healthy snack subscription boxes, subscription boxes for men, for women and for pets.  Even though I’ve known about the various subscriptions boxes for years now, it only recently occurred to me to search for subscription boxes for kids.

When I was offered a chance to try the Space Scouts subscription box, I gladly accepted.  My boys love learning about space.  They were super excited to “help” me with this review.

What is Space Scouts Subscription Box?

Space Scouts is a monthly subscription program that lets your child have fun while learning.  Each month there is a different place in space to explore.  Characters Roxy and Jett lead your child through the galaxy, teaching them all about space science and astronomy along the way.

Each month your child receives an exploration plan, a magnet for the lunch box play set, a sticker for the solar system poster, an activity sheet with puzzles and games, a sticker scramble, a souvenir toy that’s used in the learning activities, a constellation card to add to a collection, and a constellation activity sheet that has a mythological story and learning activities.

Space Scouts Lunch Box

Space Scouts Subscription Box for Ages 6 and Up

My two youngest boys are 9 and 11.  They were both interested in trying the Space Scouts subscription box.  My 13 year old, although he loves space science, wasn’t interested in participating.  While my 11 year old was a little too old for some of the activities, he really enjoyed the sticker scramble and the constellation card.  My 9 year old enjoyed the entire kit.

There is reading involved, so your child will either need you to read the exploration guide for him or her OR he or she will need to be able to at least read chapter books get the most out of Space Scouts.

Space Scouts Constellation Cards

Space Scouts Subscription Box is Great for Collectors

While my 11 year old liked the puzzles, poster and magnets, he was most impressed by the ringed constellation cards.  As a collector, he likes the idea of adding to a collection each month.  As a space science junkie, he was thrilled that the constellation cards are interactive.  The cards have holes that allow the light from a flashlight to pass through and project the outline of the constellation onto a wall.

He also enjoyed the sticker scramble puzzles, although I thought they were too easy for him.  Again, he will have fun collecting them.
Space Scouts Puzzles

Space Scouts Lunch Box

One of my favorite things about the Space Scouts subscription box is that it comes with it’s own handy organizers!  The Space Scouts lunch box is great for traditional lunch box use, but for homeschoolers like us who don’t need lunch boxes, it makes a handy storage system for the constellation cards collection and the other activities and guides that come with the kit.

In addition, the lunch box make a great display for the fun, collectible magnets that come in each month’s box.

Space Scouts Lunch Box 2

Other Space Scouts Items

There were so many neat things that came in this subscription box that I’m afraid of leaving something out!  Before I get to the details I know you want, like the cost of the subscription, let me tell you about a few more cool things that come with the Space Scouts subscription box.

There is a poster (and stickers for the poster that come with each month’s box).
Space Scouts Poster

There are these fun figurines that can be used as part of the learning activities and in play outside of the subscription box.  (Again, you get more each month.)
Space Scouts Figurines 2There are Wikki Stix, which happen to be my 9 year old’s favorite part of the package!
Space Scouts Wikki Stix

These Wikki Stix are great.  They are bendable and stick to surfaces and to each other.  Your child can make anything he or she can imagine with these!Space Scouts Wikki Sticks 2

How Much Does the Space Scouts Subscription Box Cost?

First of all, here is a complete list of what you get in the very first subscription box and then in the subsequence months’ boxes:

Month 1 is the Intro/Setup Box –Your child’s adventure begins with:
(1) Introduction to the Space Scouts Program
(2) Space Scouts Lunchbox
(3) Space Scouts Solar System Poster
(4) Space Scouts Activity Sheet
(5) Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
(6) Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
(7) Space Scouts Constellation Card Start-up Kit (Ring & Cover)
(8) Introduction to Space Scouts Constellation Cards

Each Month after the Setup Box — Your child will receive:
(1) Space Scouts Exploration Plan
(2) Space Scouts Magnet (to add to the magnetic lunchbox)
(3) Space Scouts Sticker (to add to the solar system poster)
(4) Space Scouts Activity Sheet
(5) Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
(6) Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
(7) Space Scout Constellation Card (to add to the Constellation Card collection)
(8) Space Scouts Constellation Card Activity Sheet

Four Subscription Plans Available:
Monthly Plan $11.95 +3 shipping
3 Month Plan $36.00 +$3.00/month Shipping
6 Month Plan $70.00 +$3.00/month Shipping
12 Month Plan $135.00 +$3.00/month Shipping
All plans renew automatically.  Cancel anytime.

Space Scouts subscription box for kids is an excellent idea for long winters and hot summers.  Get yours started now and have a fun, indoor activity on hand.  Space Scouts is also great for quiet time!

Click here to sign up for Space Scouts!

Space Scouts Subscription Box for Kids

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