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7 Reasons to Love Sprout® Organic Baby Food

Hey there real-foodie parents! I see you out there, busy as can be, wanting to feed your precious little ones food with real.honest.pure ingredients.  You go to great lengths to keep your babies and toddlers nourished.

I know it first hand, because I wanted the same things when my boys were babies.  I remember the hours I spent researching how and what to feed my babies when they began solids.  I also spent a lot of time cooking and pureeing homemade baby food in order to make certain that anything passing my little ones’ lips was nutritious, quality food.

Unfortunately, when we traveled away from home or when I was too busy to make my own homemade baby food, I had to rely on packaged baby foods that I wasn’t thrilled about feeding my little guys.  I’m so excited that these days, moms have options!

Sprout® Organic baby food is a wonderful alternative for busy moms who are raising their little foodies to enjoy and appreciate the flavor and nutrition of yummy, organic foods!  I’ve spent some time getting to know more about Sprout® Organic baby food (and yes, even tasting it), and I’m thrilled to share with you seven reasons to love Sprout® Organic baby food!

Sprout® Organic Baby Food is Convenient

I can still remember the frustration I felt as a new mom who found it very important to feed her babies organic food.  A decade ago, there simply weren’t any organic baby food choices on the market, so if my little fellows were going to eat organic, I was going to have to DIY the baby food.

When we traveled, had a busy day away from home or when life prevented me from having time to make my baby food fresh, I had to rely on packaged baby food that was not up to par by my standards.

Of course, I did the best I could, as we all do, but it would have been wonderful to have a convenient, simply packaged, organic baby food on hand.  Thanks to Sprout® Organic, moms can have exactly that! The convenience of Sprout® Organic baby food is just the beginning of the reasons you’ll love it!

Sprout® Organic Baby Food is . . . Organic

As the name states, Sprout® Organic Baby Food is organic.  It’s USDA certified organic.  USDA certified organic standards require that at least 95% of a food be organic before it can be certified organic, but Sprout® Organic Baby Food is 100% organic!

You don’t have to worry about any of the ingredients in your baby’s food being non-organic because Sprout® Organic has gone above and beyond the requirements to give your baby the best, most nourishing food.

And, of course, you know – organic = non-GMO!

Sprout Organic Baby Food Review 1

Sprout® Organic Baby Food is Less Acidic

Sprout® Organic baby food does not contain harsh preservatives like citric acid or malic acid.  These preservatives can do harm to baby’s delicate system, so Sprout® Organic doesn’t use them.

This makes Sprout® Organic baby food just as nourishing and gentle as the purees you’d make at home if you had time.

Sprout® Organic Baby Food is Nutritious, Real Food

I know how important a real food diet is to you.  Simple, organic ingredients that fill little tummies while providing important vitamins and minerals is what we all want for our sweet babies.

Sprout® Organic provides the real food wholesomeness that you demand for your babies and toddlers.  In addition, they roast the food before it is pureed instead of boiling it. This keeps the nutrients in the food and thus, provides more nutrients for your baby’s growing body.

Oh, and the flavor?  It’s yummy.  I tasted two of the varieties and was impressed with the realness of the flavor.  I could taste the separate flavors of fruits, veggies and meat.  With varieties like Sweet Potato, White Beans and Cinnamon or Plum, Banana and Blueberry with Quinoa, your little foodie will be exposed to amazing new flavors to help develop his or her palate.

Sprout® Organic Baby Food Has Honest Flavor Names

That’s right!  If the name of the food is Pumpkin, Black Beans, Yogurt and Spinach, I expect to find those foods listed on the ingredients list and don’t expect to see “spinach flavor” where the actual spinach should be.  With Sprout® Organic baby food the foods in the name are the foods on the ingredient list!

Sprout® Organic baby food doesn’t add flavors, colors or fillers to their foods, either.  See? Real.honest.pure ingredients!

Sprout® Organic Baby Food Comes in a Ton of Varieties

When I saw Sprout® Organic baby food on the shelf, I was blown away by the number of choices.  I’ve already mentioned several of them here.  Your baby will be introduced from everything to kale to butternut squash from kiwis and mangos and so much more!  There’ll be no flavor ruts in sight with all of the varieties that are available from Sprout® Organic.

Sprout Organic Baby Food

Sprout® Organic Cares About the Environment

One of the reasons I love Sprout® Organic is that they love the environment.  They care about reducing their carbon footprint.  They even practice recycling in their office!  In fact, the BPA-free packaging and recyclable cap on their baby food pouches was designed to lessen the impact on the the environment.

By using food pouches instead of heavy glass, they are reducing the weight of packaging, which helps to reduce their carbon footprint.  So, Sprout® Organic not only cares about nourishing your baby, but also cares about leaving the planet a healthier, cleaner place for your child to grow up on.

Find Sprout® Organic Baby Foods at Publix

As if you needed another reason to love Sprout® Organic baby food, I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to go out of your way to find it in your hometown.  My Publix had a great variety of flavors and stages to chose from.  That just makes this wonderful, organic baby food even more affordable and convenient!

Sprout Organic Baby Food Review

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby and Toddler Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.

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