Blog Comment Guidelines

Our Small Hours Commenting Guidelines

  • Most reader comments are moderated.
  • Readers stating a point of view that is in opposition to my own opinions or the opinions of other readers are welcome to post their opinions.
  • Comments that contain name calling of any type or severity will be edited to remove the name-calling portion.
  • Comments that are racist, sexist or that promote religious, cultural, social or ability intolerance will be edited to remove the offending sentiments.  This could include a complete deletion of the comment if there is no substance to the comment remaining once the offensive statements are removed.
  • Comments that are emotional or inflammatory may be edited or deleted at the desecration of the editor. Calm, rational debate is welcome; arguments are not.
  • Be kind to other readers and assume positive intent, but don’t be afraid to voice your well-considered opinion on any topic discussed on Our Small Hours.  Be mindful of what your words say about you and never post when emotional in order to protect yourself from coming across in a way that is unbecoming and a poor representation of who you truly are.