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The Stork® OTC Conception Aid for Achieving Pregnancy at Home

Intracervical device for home use In an emotional moment several months into trying to conceive after my miscarriage I told my husband that simply couldn’t see myself going to the fertility doctor for help if we couldn’t get pregnant at home. I wasn’t finished grieving my loss and the thought of heading to a fertility doctor was overwhelming.

If you and your partner have experienced months of trying to conceive without becoming pregnant, you may be considering the idea of going to a fertility specialist.  Like I was, though, you may also feel overwhelmed and wish for a way to increase your chances of pregnancy without having to leave your home.

When I received the opportunity to tell you all about The Stork® OTC Innovative Conception Aid, I knew I couldn’t turn it down.  I know you guys will appreciate the ease-of-use this conception aid provides, as well as the fact that you can use it at home.

Fertility is not a Mystery

We all know the process it takes to create life in the womb.  Sometimes our bodies lessen our chances of conception despite our best efforts spent on the part of the process we control.  Naturally, it’s important to eat a real food diet and heal any health issues before coming pregnant.  And, of course, you know that timing intercourse with ovulation is vital.

But if you’ve done all of the preliminary work and are still struggling to conceive? Well, you might visit your doctor or fertility specialist and go down the list of options.

What if you could take one more step to increase your chances of pregnancy from the comfort of your own home? That’s what The Stork® OTC Conception Aid allows couples to do.  Read on to find out how it works.

Who Should Use The Stork® OTC

The Stork® OTC is perfect for

  • People that are trying to become pregnant.
  • Men diagnosed with low sperm count or motility issues.
  • Couples trying to become pregnant without intercourse.
  • Healthy couples who desire to control timing.
  • Couples who are not ready to take the next-step of more costly, in-office treatment options (i.e., IUI, IVF).

How The Stork® OTC Conception Aid Works

The Stork® OTC Innovative Conception Aid is a cervical cap insemination device.  Included in the package is 1 applicator, 1 Conceptacle, and 1 instructions-for-use leaflet.  The Stork® OTC is a drug-free, less invasive conception device. The cervical cap or Conceptacle,  fits inside of a condom-like device, which collects sperm.  Once the sperm has been collected, the provided applicator positions the cervical cap in place. Does Stork OTC Work With the cervical cap in place, the sperm stays where it needs to be for up to six hours.  You can even go about your regular routine.  Once the time is up, the cervical cap is removed using the attached string. It’s just that simple!  And, did I mention – You can do this right at home, keeping the process private and intimate.

What Does the Science Say About The Stork® OTC Conception Aid?

With male-factor fertility becoming a larger issue, it is important that your partner’s strongest and most viable sperm get as close to your fertility as possible for the best chance of conception.  A recent clinical study showed that The Stork® OTC Conception Aid delivered a concentration of sperm to the cervix for 85% of participants that was 3.23 times higher than natural intercourse. The Stork® OTC Innovative Conception Aid is the only FDA-cleared cervical cap insemination device.  

What The Stork® OTC Conception Aid Users are Saying

I was pleased to see all of the positive testimonials on The Stork® OTC website.  There were success stories from couples who had been dealing with infertility for months or years and others who were in their 40s.  There were many other success stories as well!  One of the things I like most about  The Stork® OTC Innovative Conception Aid is that it’s less expensive than even a cycle of ICI (Intracervical Insemination). At home conception device

Where to Buy The Stork® OTC Conception Aid

Find The Stork® OTC at CVS or on Amazon.  In store, look on the Feminine Care aisle.Stork OTC Home Conception Aid


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