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TeamSnap Makes Youth Sports Team Communication Easy

As a mom whose children are involved in team sports at the recreation and club league levels,  a wife whose husband coaches two travel soccer teams and former team manager, I understand the value of quick and thorough communication between team coaches and players/parents.  In the blink of an eye a venue can change or the weather can cause a game or practice to be cancelled.

Fortunately, TeamSnap provides a solution to team communication frustration.  TeamSnap is an app for iOS and Android that helps coaches, team managers, parents and players to stay informed and provide updates that are useful for the entire team.  I’ve been using TeamSnap for two years now and I can’t remember how we survive the busy soccer seasons with out!

Keep Up-to-Date with ALL of your Teams with TeamSnap

If you’re like me, you have more than one child involved in extracurricular activities (TeamSnap is not just for athletic teams!).  In addition to my children’s activities, I need an easy way to keep track of the teams my husband coaches and his coaching schedule.

TeamSnap lets me track all of the teams that I’m connected to.  With one touch I can see the schedule and updates of any of the teams that use TeamSnap.

This is what my dashboard looks like in the TeamSnap app:Team Snap Team List

Listed under each individual team I can see the roster with each player’s contact information and picture.  (This is great for team managers who may not interact with the players at each practice, but need to quickly put names with faces and players with parents.)

Team Snap Dashboard

See Upcoming Team Events Easily with TeamSnap

The feature I use the most on TeamSnap is the Schedule.  When a game date or practice time is changed, I can easily see the updated game date or practice time under Schedule in my dashboard.  This feature makes it easy for coaches and team managers to let parents and players know important dates and times throughout the season.  It is critical for planning our family’s calendar, as well.

TeamSnap Schedule

Find Your Sports Venue Easily with TeamSnap

I know that I can’t say every single feature of TeamSnap is my favorite feature, but the Details feature of TeamSnap is definitely a useful one.  We were out of state for a tournament recently and we had games at two different venues in a city that we were unfamiliar with.

The Details feature allowed us to easily click the navigation icon and get to our next venue on time without having to search for directions.  If you’ve ever traveled for sports and gotten lost on the way to the venue, you understand how valuable this feature is!
TeamSnap GPS

See Scores in Real Time with TeamSnap Live!

The new TeamSnap Live! feature has been great this soccer season.  When you have children on two different teams you can’t be in two places at once.  The TeamSnap Live! feature allows you to get real-time updates on the score of the game you can’t be at.
The record of past events is a handy feature to have, as well.  No more trying to remember what the score was days later when talking to friends or family about the game.

TeamSnap Live

TeamSnap is Offering a 21-Day FREE Trial

I’m so excited to tell you that TeamSnap is offering a 21-day Free trial.  No need to put in your credit card information.  Click here to try it out for 21 days.  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

If you’re a coach or team manager, tell your team about TeamSnap and make their lives so much easier!  If you’re a parent, talk to your coach or team manager — they will thank you for showing your team such an awesome solution to youth sports team communication frustration.

Team Snap Free Trial

TeamSnap Makes Sports Team Communication Easy

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