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The Best Games for Family Game Night

After a long soccer season, my family is finally at home in the evenings more nights than we’re not.  I look forward to these few months of each year when our activities and responsibilities outside of the home lessen and we get to reconnect with each other.  When I received an opportunity, sponsored by Hasbro Gaming  to tell you guys about my family’s game night, the timing couldn’t have been better.

When I was a child I played a lot of games with my parents. My parents and I would spend Friday evenings gathered around the table playing various games, eating yummy snacks and having so much fun.  I feel nostalgic when I think of the sweet memories I have that center around classic games from Hasbro Gaming and time spent bonding with my family.

Best Games for a Family Game Night

Now that I have children of my own, I like to recreate those evenings of fun, laughter and connection with them.  I know they will look back on our family game nights with fondness when they someday have children of their own.  I hope that they will play their favorite childhood games with their children like my husband and I do with them.

Recently, after a long and busy soccer season, my family planned a game night and brought out some of our favorite traditional games from Hasbro Gaming.  Over the years it’s been fun to watch our children become old enough to learn new games.  My favorite game as a preteen was Battleship and I was so excited to finally teach my 9-year-old how to play it!

Best Games for Family Game Night

If you’re ready to reconnect with your busy family, here are the best games for family game night based on the age of your children.  Choose your favorite classic games and Get Your Family Game On!

The Best Family Games for Family Game Night For Children Age 4 and Over

While having a family game with children under the age of four is not impossible, I found that family game night became much more fun once my children were four and over.  We have a few classic game favorites for younger children that even my 9 year old still plays sometimes!

Our favorite family game night games for children age 4 and over are:


The Best Family Game Night Games for Children Age 8 and Over

When my boys reached ages 7 and 8, family game night became more fun for us adults as my children could now understand the purpose of games better and even begin to employ a little strategy of their own without help from us.  We still play the games listed below even now that my boys are teens and tweens.

Our favorite family game night games for children age 8 and over are:


The Best Family Game Night Games for Children Age 10 and Over

When our boys reached the age of ten, family game night became more competitive.  By the age of ten my boys were able to understand more involved games like The Game of Life.  They had more fine motor control and Jenga became a true challenge for us adults!

Our favorite games for children age 10 and over are:


Best Games for Family Game Night

The Best Family Game Night Games for Tweens and Teens

Now that my boys are tween and teens, we’ve begun playing games that require more thought and strategy.  Of course, we’ve been trying to play Monopoly with our boys for years, but only recently have all three boys been able to sit through almost an entire game and still feel competitive about it.

As I mentioned before, playing Battleship with my almost-ten-year-old for the first time recently was a milestone for me.

Our favorite family game night games for teenagers are:


Classic Hasbro Gaming Games Bring Generations Together

A couple of years ago my mother and my oldest son began playing Monopoly one day when he was visiting her overnight.  They weren’t able to finish the game, so my mother put everything away carefully so that they could finish it the next time he visited.

It was wonderful to see him so excited about getting back to Grandma’s house to play their game of Monopoly.  It gave them a way to connect as they talked and laughed while playing together.  It brought back so many memories of sitting at that same table with my parents playing on the same exact Monopoly board.

The holiday season and the winter months spent inside are a great time to create lasting memories with friends and family by having game night with your favorite classic Hasbro Gaming games.  Don’t forget that these games make excellent holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!

The Best Games for Family Game Night

Editor’s Note:  This post was sponsored by Hasbro Gaming.  All opinions are 100% those of the author.

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