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Math can be quite the 4 letter word but, with the right curriculum, it becomes an amazing tool that unlocks the world around us. Using the best math curriculum for your individual children is important because each child learns differently.

When I was a child, I enjoyed math only as much as I enjoyed the way I was learning it. The wrong teacher and the wrong method might leave me struggling. Once in elementary school and once in high school I actually failed math under one teacher, but made straight A’s when the same material was presented by a different teacher with a different method. This happened with fractions and Algebra II. When the second teacher explained the concepts to me I remember thinking, “Well, that’s easy!  Why didn’t Teacher A explain it that way?” Teacher A was likely using a curriculum or method that simply didn’t resonate with me.

Fortunately, finding the best homeschool math curriculum for your child doesn’t have to be a difficult process. However, sometimes we get overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available.

The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

Looking for a comprehensive homeschool math curriculum catered to your child’s learning style? I’ve got the Fab 5 of tried-and-true homeschool curricula for beginners up to college, and from mastery to story-based. Now it’s just a process of elimination.

Homeschool Math Program

Multiple Grades







Want to integrate blended learning into your homeschool math curriculum? This program allows the learner or teacher to print certain lesson plans, access online videos and tutorials, and the program even provides assessments and grading for student work.

One of the beneficial features of the A+ platform is the user-friendly dashboard that enables parents/teachers to monitor the learner’s progress. A for EASE!

Check it out.

Mastery Based Math Program

1st to 7th Grades







This comprehensive math program is ideal for homeschool families with multiple children. It includes placement assessments, and lessons that cater to your child’s learning preferences. Choose from computer work or printable chapters and worksheets.

Check it out.

Life of Fred Math Books

Kinder to College

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series






If the drill and kill approach is not helping your child fully grasp math concepts, try a new learning method. If your kids prefer reading books to completing math worksheets – check out the Life of Fred math books. These math supplement books weave math lessons into funny, fictional stories that kids actually enjoy reading.

These books contain more than silly stories, every chapter includes a “Your Turn to Play” section where kids apply the real world math concepts Fred learned. One of the most-sought after curriculums around. Get questions answered in the Facebook Group dedicated to it!

Check it out.

Horizons Math Curriculum

For: Kinder to 8th Grades







Filled with over 100 attention-grabbing lessons, these easy-to-use Alpha Omega curriculum sets include colorfully illustrated student books covering math concepts like adding, subtracting, and more. Plus, each set comes with a helpful teacher’s guide with daily lesson plans, answer keys, and worksheets. Your child will learn elementary math concepts in a teacher-guided, interactive format.

Learn more about K – 4th curriculums
Learn more about 5th – 8th curriculums


Downloadable Math Riddle Worksheets

For: 3rd to 6th Grades

Math Riddles by Math Galaxy






Add some light-hearted fun to your math time! These affordable, silly, and convenient printables are not to be missed. Review math concepts while giggling to the math riddles included in Math Galaxy’s worksheets. Download and choose from more than 300 pages of printable pages that add a little fun to lessons.

Topics include time, money, multiplication, division, and more. Bonus: these add reading to your math lessons!

Check it out.

How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Your Child

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