I know it doesn’t feel like it, but summer vacation is winding down. It seems to me like summer vacation gets shorter each year.  This time of the season is for all of the last minute things you wanted to do this summer but didn’t get around to, right?

You’ll take that last trip to the amusement park.  Maybe you’ll fit in a camping trip. Your family may have saved vacation for the last part of the summer. But, on the those long, hot late July and early August days you’ll probably spend a lot of time inside, keeping your kiddos out of the sun and the heat and wondering what on earth to do with them until it’s time to go back to school. (Hey, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to indoor activities for kids!)

Fortunately, this is the perfect time of the summer to help your kids brush up on the things they may have forgotten from school. This will give them a jump start on the new school year and give you a head’s up on the areas in which they may need extra help.

Workbooks are a great way to help your children get ready for the new school year.  Read on for my recommendations for the best workbooks for summer learning.The Best Summer Learning Workbooks

The Best Workbooks for Summer Learning

As a homeschool mom who creates her own homeschool curriculum, I use a lot of workbooks to supplement my children’s learning.  I love that the workbooks are inexpensive and comprehensive.  As my children have gotten older they’ve been able to use workbooks for independent learning.  Most importantly, my boys enjoy using workbooks – that means less complaining and more learning!

Workbooks come in different styles – some are comprehensive for an entire grade level and cover all major subjects.  Others are comprehensive for a particular subject.  Some workbooks are dedicated to test prep and are great for using to see where your child stands on the various subjects at a particular grade level.

The Best Comprehensive Grade-Level Workbooks for Summer Learning

Pre-Kindergarten Summer Learning Workbooks

If you have a preschooler or your child is entering Kindergarten for the first time this fall check out these workbooks:


First and Second Grade Summer Learning Workbooks

For students entering the 1st and 2nd grades, check out these workbooks:


Third and Fourth Grade Summer Learning Workbooks

For children entering 3rd and 4th grades, check out these workbooks:


Fifth and Sixth Grade Summer Learning Workbooks

For children entering 5th and 6th grades, check out these workbooks:

Seventh and Eighth Grade Summer Learning Workbooks

For students entering 7th and 8th grades, check out these workbooks:

The Best Test Prep Workbooks By Grade Level

One way to find out if your child is working on grade level and is ready for the next year of school is to have them work through the Spectrum Test Prep Workbook for the grade they just finished.  Afterward, if you still have time, let them work through the test prep for the grade they are going into.  That way you’ll know which subjects they already have a handle on and which ones will be new to them this year.

Spectrum Test Prep Workbooks for grades 1-9


The Best Single Subject Workbooks for Summer Learning

If you know that your child struggles in one or more single subjects, now is the time to boost their confidence and their knowledge before the school year begins.  For this part of the summer learning workbook list, I’ve compiled the best workbooks for the “three Rs” – Math, Reading, and Language Arts (Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary.)

Because there are far too many to list individually here in this post, I’ve created an Amazon store with everything broken down by categories for easy perusing through the workbooks I recommend for each subject and each grade. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!The Best Workbooks for Summer Learning