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Benefits and Uses of Thieves Essential Oils

Thieves essential oil is a great blend of several essential oils that has been used for centuries.  The story of thieves oil tells of a time during the plague in Europe when robbers went from home to home, stealing the belongings of those who had succumbed to the plague.

Despite their exposure to the germs causing the plague, the thieves never fell ill.  When it was demanded that they explain how they were able to magically remain well despite being exposed to the plague, they told of their blend of herbs and oils that protected them from illness.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Use Thieves Essential Oil

1.  Thieves essential oil can be used to support the body’s defenses.


3. Thieves essential oil smells like Fall and Christmas and Warmth and Happiness.  It makes a wonderful air freshener.  A few drops of Thieves oil in a diffuser cleans the air and leaves behind a wonderful Autumn scent.

4.  I mix water, salt and Thieves oil in a spray bottle and use it to clean counter tops. Thieves oils makes a great cleaner.

5.  I use thieves oil in both my homemade toothpaste and mouthwash recipes.  It leaves my mouth fresh, cinnamon-y and clean.

6.   I like to use Thieves essential oil mixed in a carrier oil to rub on my hands after touching shopping carts, doors, etc in public.  It leaves behind a lovely smell and the carrier oil softens my skin.

7.  Thieves essential oil helps to create a numbing sensation.  This is useful when I bite my tongue or need relief from other discomforts.

8.   Thieves essential oil is great for cleaning toenail and fingernails, especially when they have been subjected to wet conditions.

9.   Thieves essential oil is great at helping to remove mold and mildew.

10.   Thieves essential oil provides a wonderful, comforting smell that helps to ease tension.

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