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10 Things an Introverted Soccer Mom Thinks At The Game

One of these things is not like the others. That’s me at my kids’ soccer games. I’ve written about being an introverted mom before when I shared my best tips for introverted moms.

My boys have been playing soccer for nearly a decade and a half and my husband has been coaching youth soccer for just as long. I’ve discovered over the years there are two types of soccer moms – those who come to the game to watch their kids play and those who come to the game to socialize.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve missed more than one of my kiddos’ best soccer moments because I felt the need to engage the extravert mom sitting next to me on the sideline instead of focusing on my child.

I mean, let’s be honest – extraverts glow with natural charm and I’m an introvert who loves people. I took a while to realize that my youth soccer sideline experience would be less stressful if I socialized before the game and moved quietly away from the crowd during the game.

I can laugh about it now but, before I became comfortable with the fact that I’m an introverted soccer mom, I often felt weird if I sat quietly and watched my child play instead of putting my folding chair next to the other parents and chatting the game away.

Are You Struggling as an Introverted Mom?

Hey, before you jump into the ten things below, please remember that I wrote this article to be lighthearted. This article isn’t intended to make anyone – extraverted or introverted – feel bad for who they are or how they react in social situations.

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If you’re struggling as an introverted mom, check out the book Introverted Mom for some clarity and hacks to help your life suit you better.

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Introverted Soccer Mom

The Best Sideline Seat

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: I love watching the game from the corner of the field. The angle creates an awesome view of the game. Oh, and it’s quiet down here by myself.

Introverted Mom

How To Approach Other Parents on the Sideline

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: Oh! There’s Jackson’s mom. I want to ask her how her dad is doing but she’s sitting next to Collin’s mom, who isn’t going to let me get a word in.

Nevermind. I’ll message her tomorrow instead . . . when I could have just talked to her today. Agh! Why is this hard?

Ok. I’m going over there. I’m smiling. Oh man. I don’t want to interrupt their conversation. What do I say?

“Oh!  Hi, guys! Heyhowsyourdad?”

Whoa! Slow down, girl. Don’t assault her with your caring question!

Oh man. Why am I weird?

Extraverted Child Playing Soccer

When Your Kid is an Extravert and You’re Not

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: What is my kid doing out there? He’s sure attracting a lot of attention but not because he’s scoring goals.

Is he actually doing cartwheels right now?

How did I give birth to an extravert? How?!

Don't Ask An Introvert

When You Need To Introvert In Public

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks:  Oh no. I see you there. Don’t do it. Don’t dooooo it.

Oh, please don’t ask me what I’m reading, what I’m knitting, what I’m listening to, or what I’m watching.

It’s day two of the tournament and I’m all peopled out. I brought my book so I wouldn’t have to engage.

I would never dream of interrupting someone who was reading so I could make small talk.

Lawd, I think I’m on the wrong planet.

Team Party

The After-Game Youth Sports Restaurant Crashing

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks:  Oh boy. If we win this game the moms are gonna suggest we all meet somewhere for dinner.

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And if we lose, they’re gonna want the same.

Fifteen kids, their parents, and their siblings are going to make the teenagers running the chicken finger restaurant spit nails. I just hope they don’t spit in our food. 

Why do we always have to eat together? Why? I wanna go home now.

When You Politely Give Your Focus to Another Parent Instead of Your Child

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks:  Ack! I think my kid is about to score a goal, but the mom next to me is telling me about her foot pain. And, she’s facing the direction I need to face to see my kid. But, it’s rude not to look at someone when they’re talking to you.

Can I sneak a peek at the field without being rude . . . And, there it was.  I just missed my kid scoring a goal.

But, the other mom was kind enough to let me know it happen. Because she saw it while she told me every detail of her medical history. Go team.

Next week, I’m going back to the corner of the field.

Angry Soccer Dad

When You Accidentally Sit Next to That Sideline Youth Sports Parent

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: I wish this yelling dad standing in front of me with his toes on the sideline would sit down and hush up.

Dude, you are not the coach. You’re not the ref, but you’re directly in the sidelines ref’s way.

We see you, bro. You are special. You played soccer in college and now your kid has to be a soccer star. Here’s your cookie.


P.S. Your kid plays better when you’re not here. #sorrynotsorry

Angry Soccer Mom

When You Forget Who You Are

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: Are you kidding me? Who just screamed at my child to “Shoot! Shoot it NOW! Shooooot!  Shoooooooot!!!!”

Wait what?  That was me?!

I’m so embarrassed. I’m worse than sideline dad now.

Introverted Moms

When You Find Your Introverted Tribe – Of Two

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks: Hey, mama. I see you there. You’re an introvert, too.

Put your chair down right here. Let’s smile and say hi then quietly watch the game together today.

Hey, wanna be besties? We could get together and read. Or talk about anything but the weather or other people.

This is gonna be a good soccer season.

Introverted Soccer Mom

When The Game Is Over

Introverted Soccer Mom thinks:  Yes! Game over!

I want to say thanks to the coach for his hard work but all of the other parents are surrounding him. That must be overwhelming.

Yeah, okay, I’ll just text him. Or email him. Maybe I’ll give him a card at the end of the season. Or just send him positive vibes.

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