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Here at Our Small Hours, we believe that everyone has stories to tell and that those stories should be told in order to educate and inspire others.  It is with great excitement that I introduce our first story-telling series, Time For Real Food.  The purpose of the Time for Real Food series is to gather your stories about how you make real food happen for you and/or your family despite the realities of a busy life.  Real foodies commit to a diet that does not include microwave-ready, processed, fast-food items.  Our traditional, slow-food philosophy is sometimes difficult to work into a busy lifestyle, yet somehow we do it and are healthier for it.  Your story will educate and inspire others to make time for real food in their own lives!


To share your story, please answer the interview questions below and email them to me at admin (at) oursmallhours (dot) com.  Including pictures of yourself, your kitchen, and your food prep tools and areas are strongly encouraged, but not required.

1.  Name (First name only, if desired, or if you are concerned about privacy, your online nickname.)
2.  Location (optional, or you may give your country or region of the country in which you live.)
3.  Blog (You do not need a blog to participate!)
4.  How long have you been eating a real food diet?
5.  How many adults and children are you responsible for feeding? Are they able to help with your real food preparation?
6.  What is your occupation?  What other activities (school, volunteering, home schooling, farming, care giving, etc) fill your days?
7.  What real food convenience items do you use? 
8.  What real food items do you insist on making from scratch even when you have access to a pre-made or convenient form of that food?
9.  What tools do you use to get it all done in the kitchen?  (Menu planning, delegating, once-a-month-cooking, must-have appliances, etc)
10.  What advice do you have for those who are just beginning a real food diet and feel overwhelmed by the amount of time that real food preparation can take?

Thank you for sharing your real food story!

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