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My Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

Okay, friends. I didn’t think they could do it, but Walmart has convinced me to shop with them again. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago because I found the shopping experience at other stores to be more aligned with my preferences.

Even so, there was always a thing or two every six months or so I needed and could only find at Walmart. So, I’d visit the store and immediately be reminded of why I didn’t shop there regularly.

However, as I ran in for those hard-to-find or overprice-elsewhere items I needed I noticed that Walmart was increasing the number of products they carried from brands I loved. When I saw the low prices on items I was paying way more for at the health food store, I was a little sad. Still, it wasn’t worth it to me to have to trek across the giant obstacle course of a Walmart store each week to do my shopping.

My Experience – a Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

Recently, I was recommended a brand of dog food (Pure Balance) that can only be purchased at Walmart. I really like the dog food and it’s worth it to me to run to Walmart to get it. While I’m there I often pick up a few produce items or other healthy foods of good quality because they’re less expensive than the health food store. Still, I dread my trips to Walmart.

A few months ago, a friend in another state told me about Walmart Grocery Pickup and shared her positive experience with it. I was pleasantly surprised. She reminded me jokingly that I’d once said, “If Walmart would let me order online and pickup my items in a drive through type scenario, they’d get me back as a customer.”

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So, true to my word, I decided to give Walmart Grocery Pickup a chance. Yesterday, armed with a $10 off coupon, I sat down at my computer and ordered a few things I needed. The ordering process went smoothly. After my order was completed, I was even able to add an item I’d forgotten.

I downloaded the Walmart grocery app and when my pickup time rolled around I received both an email and a notification on my phone.

When I pulled in at Walmart, an employee (who seemed truly happy to be there) brought out my groceries and put them in my trunk for me. Easy peasy!

She reminded me that in addition to my groceries and pet supplies, I could order household supplies. (I get mine from Young Living, though). She told me how much they love shopping for us and, honestly, I believed her. What I’m saying is, the customer service experience at my local Walmart Grocery Pickup was top-notch.

I will definitely use Walmart Grocery Pickup on a regular basis. It won’t replace my trips to Earth Fare or Aldi, my two favorite grocery stores, but when it’s time to buy more pet supplies or home goods or office supplies, I’ll add some of my favorite grocery products that are less expensive at Walmart.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Walmart Grocery Pickup Works, read on!

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My Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

How Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work?

Before you get started, make sure you have a account AND the Walmart Grocery Pickup app for your smartphone. You’ll need both.

Here is the quick, basic run down of how the process works:

  • Order your groceries online at or through the Walmart Grocery app. Note your pickup time.
  • Receive an email and a notification on your smartphone when your order is ready.
  • Check in through the Walmart Grocery app and let them know you’re on your way.
  • Go pick up your groceries.
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How to Order Groceries for Walmart Grocery Pickup

If you need a little visual help for getting around the website, here’s what it looks like when you order through Walmart Grocery Pickup online.

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your account. Then, click the Walmart Grocery Pickup text in the top right-hand corner of the page.

How to order groceries online from Walmart

2. Choose the items you want to order. Once you’ve fulfilled the $30 minimum required for Walmart Grocery Pickup, you can check out.Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

3. Once you select ‘Checkout’ you’ll be taken to another screen where you can add recommended items or continue through to reserve your pickup time.

To reserve your pickup time, select the day and time you want to pickup.Walmart Grocery Pickup What to Expect

4. Continue through the check out process and pay for your groceries. If it’s your first time ordering, don’t forget to use this Walmart Grocery Pickup coupon code for $10 off your order. You’ll receive an email when your order is completed.

5. Wait for another email and a notification on your smartphone that tells you your order is ready for pickup.

6. Check in through the Walmart Grocery Pickup app to let your store know you’re on your way. You can even let them know what color vehicle you’ll be in.

7. Follow the grocery pickup signs in the parking lot of your Walmart store and park in one of the designated parking spaces. An associate will come out with your groceries and load them into your vehicle.

Some Cautions About Walmart Grocery Pickup

Overall, my experience with Walmart Grocery Pickup was excellent, but there were a couple of things you’ll want to be aware of.

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First, when I received the email confirming that my order had been placed, it told me my order would be ready between 2-3 PM. I had reserved the 4-5 PM time slot because it was the earliest available, so naturally, I was confused. I double checked both online and in the app to make sure my pickup time was between 4-5 PM. It was. I’m not sure why the email said 2-3 PM.

If you’re worried that an hour-long window is not convenient it may make you feel better to know that my order was ready at 3:55 PM. It is my assumption that the customer can arrive anytime within that hour that is convenient for them. That’s why the ability to let them know when you’re on your way is so handy. The app tracked my drive, as well, so I assume that Walmart could see that information and know how far away I was. (I don’t know this for certain, it’s just an assumption.)

The last thing you’ll want to be aware of is how quickly the time slots fill up. When I ordered around 10 AM the earliest time slot available was 4-5 PM. When I took the screenshots for this post, it was around 2 PM. There were no available time slots left for that day. So my advice is to order the night before if you want to pick up before noon or order before noon if you want to pick up on the same day.

I hope my Walmart Grocery Pickup review answered your questions about this new time-and-sanity-saving service.

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