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Editor’s Note:  I received a Path to Resiliency download to test and review.  Read my Disclosure and Disclaimer Policies for more information.

 What is Guided Imagery?

Meditation is a practice that is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of meditation are numerous and can help to improve the functions of your body systems and to support mental wellness.  Sometimes, though meditation can be difficult to do.  Maybe you struggle to keep your mind calm or maybe you get distracted by negative thoughts or imagery when trying to meditate. Guided imagery can help to enhance your meditation experience or be used in placed of meditation.

When I worked as a therapist, I used guided imagery with my very first client.  She wanted to gain control over her habit of emotional eating.  She was a sweet, grandmotherly lady and was a little concerned that I was going to hypnotize her when I suggested that we do a little guided imagery to help her on her path to freedom from emotional eating.  Of course, guided imagery is not hypnotism, at all.

Guided imagery is simply a verbal technique used to help someone to create vivid,positive images in his or her mind.  These images help the individual to envision completing a goal, conquering an emotional state or getting through a tough time.  Guided imagery helps the person to move forward and create solutions to move past obstacles.

How to Use Guided Imagery

Many psychotherapists offer guided imagery as part of their therapy.  Although I had led others in guided imagery, I was more comfortable being alone when participating in guided imagery for myself.  I love using audio for meditation and guided imagery.

When using guided imagery audio, find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.  Make sure you are able to fully relax for the length of the audio.  Sit or lay down, close your eyes and begin the guided imagery.  Sometimes I have fallen asleep while doing guided imagery, which is a sign to me that I was not getting enough sleep. That was likely part of the reason I was in a funk in the first place! Try to remain in an awake, but relaxed state during the session.

Live Well Series Guided Imagery Audio Recommendation

If regular guided imagery sessions with a private therapist are not your cup of tea or if you’ve decided to bring the practice of guided imagery into your home, you need a guided imagery audio.  I’ve recently received the Path to Resiliency guided imagery audio from from the Live Well Series.

Guided Imagery Audio

The Path to Resiliency from Live Well Series is everything I want in a guided imagery audio.  The gentle voice of Janet Montgomery and the beautiful background music of Jeff Gold come together to make a gorgeous, relaxing guided imagery session.

I have made time to use this guided imagery audio weekly since receiving it.  I find that it helps me ease into a calm and confident state of mind after the work week ends and I must switch gears to work on my other business projects.

The Live Well Series offers several different topics of guided imagery.  From stress management to studying better, Janet and Jeff have what you need to feel calm and confident in all areas of your life.

In addition, if you are teaching meditation and guided imagery to your children, they have a couple of guided imagery audio just for kids.  Here’s one you might want to try soon if your little one struggles to calm him or herself enough for a restful sleep:
Guided Imagery for Children


How to Use Guided Imagery

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