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Wheat Free Desserts

Delicious Wheat Free Desserts

When I began my real food journey, I vowed that no matter what I did differently to achieve health, I would NEVER cut wheat and sugar from my diet.  Of course, I had no idea that wheat and sugar were the primary causes of my poor health and out-of-control weight gain.  Since then, I’ve become committed to avoiding wheat and sugar and have experienced nearly 50 pounds of weight loss and healed from my former health issues.

But I miss brownies.  And cake.  And cookies. 

Store bought gluten-free snacks still contain sugar and are not nutritious.  In addition, they are costly.  Making my own sweet treats at home saves time and my health.  Still, I was seriously lacking in recipes for nutritious indulgences.

Until now.

Thanks to Carol of Ditch The Wheat and her incredible cookbook Indulge, I can enjoy my former favorite sweets without ruining my health.

 All of the recipes in Indulge are wheat and refined sugar free!

My two favorites so far are the Flourless Brownies and the Sunday Special Coffee Cake.  I wish I could share the recipes here, but, alas, they not mine to share.  However, you can purchase Indulge for yourself and make the moist and decadent coffee cake, the gooey brownies and many other recipes.

Caramel cake, chocolate truffle cake, vanilla custard, lemon tarts and so many more grain-free recipes can be found in Indulge.

Hands down, Indulge is my favorite sweet-treat cook book!  It could be yours, too!

Wheat Free Desserts