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Our Small Hours – A Parenting and Lifestyle Website for Moms

When Our Small Hours founder, Allison, was a new mom with three little boys, four-and-under, she often felt her days were an exhausting marathon to bedtime. Because she was committed to attachment parenting even bedtime wasn’t a respite from the physical and emotional needs of her children.

On one difficult morning, Allison felt so overwhelmed by parenting that she wasn’t sure she could face the rest of the day.

Since not facing the day isn’t an option for moms, Allison convinced herself that she could do anything for one hour. She took that day and the next one hour at a time.

Intentional Living – One Small Hour at a Time

Soon Allison had a wonderful realization:  When she stayed in the moment and became intentional in her parenting, homemaking, and self-care she was able to create a steady, peaceful environment for her family.

When she strayed from intentional living and failed to focus on each small hour, her life, and thus her home, would inevitably become chaotic and messy.

The Purpose of Our Small Hours

In 2011, nearly ten years after Allison became a mom, she created Our Small Hours to encourage other moms to parent and live intentionally so they, too, could experience a calm home and a beautiful life.

Over the years Our Small Hours evolved to include topics related to motherhood such as homeschooling, lifestyle, wellness, homemaking, and more.

Allison’s mission for Our Small Hours is to inspire moms to create a beautiful, peaceful life – one small hour at a time.


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