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Our Small Hours – A Parenting and Lifestyle Website for Moms

When Allison, creator of Our Small Hours, was a new mom with three children under the age of four she often felt like each day was a marathon to bedtime. (And, as a mother dedicated to attachment parenting even bedtime wasn’t an escape from her children’s physical and emotional needs.)

On one difficult morning, Allison felt so overwhelmed by parenting (and undiagnosed-at-the-time anxiety, depression, and chronic health issues) that she wasn’t sure she could face the rest of the day.

Take Each Day One Hour At A Time

Because not facing the day isn’t an option for moms, she convinced herself that she could do anything for one hour. She took that day one hour at a time and had some startling realizations.

Even though she felt like at least one of her children was crying at any given moment (and sometimes two or three at once!), that wasn’t actually the case. They actually cried less than she thought.

The anxiety produced by trying to do ‘all the things’ while remaining committed to attachment parenting was reduced when she took the day one small hour at a time.

She realized slowing her pace gave her more time to focus on her children – not less. She saw the beautiful, tender moments as more precious and the crazy, silly moments as funnier and lighter.

No, the dishes and laundry didn’t get done in a timely manner that day, but they did get done. And the four year old helped!

And so, she knew that no matter how difficult parenting (or life in general) was for her if she took the day one hour at a time she could handle it.

Not only could she handle it, she could find solutions to her problems, and, most wonderfully, she could easily find so much to be grateful for.

Our Small Hours – Tips and Solutions for Moms

Eventually this one-hour-at-a-time approach helped Allison to find solutions to her mental and physical health issues as well as parenting problems that arose throughout the years.

In 2011, ten years after Allison became a mom, she created Our Small Hours, a website dedicated to helping moms make every hour count.

Our Small Hours, which began as a way to provide moms with tips and solutions for parenting and homeschooling, soon expanded to include articles about natural living, real food, frugal living, fashion, home decor, relationships, and much more.

As Our Small Hours continues to grow in topic coverage and readership, Allison feels blessed for the opportunity to help other moms make the most of their small hours.

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