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Have you met Buck?  If not, let me introduce you.

I first introduced Buck here, when I told you how I get books for a dollar or less.  I used to scour Amazon for deals on books, but it was pretty time consuming.  Buck Books, who is clearly a genius, has provided a way to get the latest Amazon books that are a dollar or less.

The process is really simple:  You sign up, completely for free, and then Buck sends you an email daily with a list of books that are a dollar or less.  Most days there is at least one free book offered, as well.

In addition, Buck Books has special events that focus on books about a particular subjects.  From Paleo to Self-Help and many other subjects, Buck Books works with the authors of a particular niche to coordinate a special sale.

Now, these special sales are not like those pesky book bundles that you’re used to.  You don’t have to buy ALL of the books presented.  You only buy the ones you want!

Buck Books Gluten Free Books Event Starts on February 24th

Buck Books’ upcoming event is all about gluten-free living.  If you’re considering going gluten-free or have already started the journey, these books are an amazing addition to your gluten-free library.

Here are the books that will be included in the event.  But wait!  Don’t buy them yet! Simply follow this link, sign up for Buck Books (this won’t cost you a cent!), and get a reminder when the sale begins on the 24th.  Super simple!  Super savings!

Here are the books you’ll get in the Gluten Free Books Event

  1. The Definitive Way to go Gluten-Free
  2. The Healthy Gluten-Free Life
  3. Keeping it Real
  4. Gluten Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids
  5. Grain Free Grab-n-Go
  6. The Everything Guide to the Low-FODMAP Diet
  7. 31 Days of Gluten Free Meals
  9. Gluten Free Vegetarian
  10. Defeat Wheat
Click on the banner below to sign up and get notified when the gluten free books even begins!

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