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Free Homeschool Science Resources

Science is one of the most fun homeschool subjects to teach my sons. Our family is pretty science-focused but we prefer an unschooling approach to learning science. There’s just so much to explore and each child has his individual interests that we want to follow.

I make my own homeschool curriculum, but often the science portion includes planned lessons and impromptu lessons that come about when one of the boys asks a science-related question and we dive in head-first to find answers.

Over the years I’ve compiled a large list of free homeschool science websites that offer lessons, worksheets, games, videos and more to keep my science-loving guys filled up with science concepts. I’m excited to share my favorite resources with you!

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Free Homeschool Science Curriculum

Few Top Favorites

1. Free 12-page set of printables on the Periodic Table.  This is a brilliant resource from Five Js, a wonderful website for homeschooling materials.  Page 1 is  full-color periodic table.  Page 2 gives an alphabetical list of the elements.  Page 3 is a black and white, filled in periodic table.  Pages 4-5 are blank periodic tables that are perfect for testing your child’s knowledge of the period table.

2.  How Many Pints in a Gallon?  Awesome infographic!  Again from Five Js.  Help your children visualize liquid measurement.  Full color.

3.  Free Science Lesson Plans from Discovery Education. This one is about weather.  The objectives are outlined and there is a materials lists (you do need some supplies, but you can probably substitute the poster board with paper you have on hand and the rest of the supplies are typical homeschool supplies.).  The site provides a video and tons of links to help you teach the lesson.

4.  All of the “ologies”.  Anthropology, zoology, paleontology . . . you get the picture.  No matter what “ology” you’re currently teaching or which one your kiddos are seeking more information about, you can find it here.

5.  Got a kid with a craving for science how-tos?  I know I do!  We love videos from Robert Krampf The Happy Scientist.

More Free Science Websites

6. Science Buddies

7. 101 Science

8. CK12

9. Mystery Science

10. National Science Digital Library

11. Science NetLinks

12. Education Place

13. Nine Planets

14. Chem4Kids

15. Science World

16. Mr. Q’s Classic Science

17. Super Charged Science

Free Science Worksheets


19. TLSBooks


21. Teach-nology

22. Great Schools

23. Super Teacher Worksheets

24. Jump Start


26. Ecosystems for Kids


28. Teacher Vision

29. Have Fun Teaching

30. The Teacher’s Cafe

Free Science Games Websites

31. PBS Kids

32. Science Kids

33. Learning Games for Kids

34. Free Online Science Games


36. Knowledge Adventure

37. Primary Games

38. Brain Pop

39. Wart Games

40. Kid’s Science Challenge

41. Learn for Good

42. Turtle Diary

 Free Science Videos

43. Crash Course Kids

44. SciShow Kids

45. HooplaKidz Lab

46. Minute Physics

47. Applied Science

48. Veritasium

49. UC Berkeley

50. Watch Know Learn

51. Easy Science for Kids

52. AsapScience 

53. The Kids Should See This

54. Science A-Z

55. Tell Me Why

56. Khan Academy

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